Fortessa Forte Champagne Flute

Indulge in the pinnacle of stemware perfection with Forté®. Crafted from the high quality of TRITAN® Crystal Glass, this elegant stemware is the vessel of choice for discerning wineries and sommeliers. Prepare to delight palates as Forté®'s tapered bowl gracefully guides fine wine, ensuring sensory satisfaction. Immerse guests in a symphony of taste as Forté® unveils the full spectrum of nuances hidden within your favorite wines.

Tritan® Crystal Glass is brilliant, break-resistant, particularly durable and therefore environmentally friendly. Made in Germany with regionally sourced materials, Tritan crystal glass is also characterized by its sustainability

Product Details:

  • Holds up to 9 fl oz
  • Made with titanium for strength and zirconium for brilliant clarity
  • The rim, bowl-stem juncture, and stem-foot juncture are tempered for added strength