Empty Fortessa Banquet Long Drink Glass
Empty Fortessa Banquet Long Drink Glass set next to other glasses that are filled and unfilled
A pair of Filled Fortessa Banquet Long Drink glasses with a strawberry
Fortessa Banquet Long Drink Glass

Banquet® stemware takes from our popular barware shape to strike the perfect balance between classic aesthetics and extended practicality. Made for those who appreciate both elegance and functionality, this glassware offers an abbreviated stem designed to be sturdy and graceful. Enhance any table with Banquet®, high-quality TRITAN® Crystal Glass stemware that adds a taste of sophistication to every sip.

Tritan® Crystal Glass is brilliant, break-resistant, particularly durable and therefore environmentally friendly. Made in Germany with regionally sourced materials, Tritan crystal glass is also characterized by its sustainability

Product Details:

  • Holds up to 18 fl oz
  • Made with titanium for strength and zirconium for brilliant clarity
  • The rim, bowl-stem juncture, and stem-foot juncture are tempered for added strength