The Laundress Delicate Wash

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We know it can be tricky to care for delicates and lingerie. THE LAUNDRESS Delicate Wash cleans effectively yet remains gentle on specialty fabrics. This product is perfect for both hand and machine washing.

THE LAUNDRESS Lady scent is sexy and fabulous for both men and women. THE LAUNDRESS Lady scent is a rich amber with crisp citrus complementing a balance of green herbal notes.
* The Laundress Detergents can be used for hand-washing or the machine
* For standard top and front load machines use 1/4 cup of detergent and for high efficiency machines use 1/8 cup.
* 16 oz.

*100% biodegradable
*Concentrated product requires less packaging, less water and less energy
*Recyclable plastic is used for all products and we recycle all packaging/shipping components
*Scents contain essential oil blends, not artificial fragrances
*We do not use artificial colors, dye or unnecessary additives
*Allergen, phthalate, phosphate and paraben free