Pigeon & Poodle Manchester - Sand

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Up your elegance and add an edge to your aesthetic with Pigeon & Poodle's striking faux shagreen Manchester collection. Each piece is crafted to highlight  the natural “eye” pattern inspired by real shagreen, and topped with a wood veneer trim. 

Brush Holder:  3"L x 3"W x 4.5"H 
Wastebasket:  10"L x 8"W x 11"H 
Soap Pump:  3”L x 3”W x 7.5”H 
Soap Dish:  6"L x 4"W x 1"H
Hand Towel:  9"L x 5.5"W x 2"H
Canister:  4"D x 4.5"H 
Tissue Box:  5.5"L x 5.5"W x 5.5"H 
Tray Set: 11"L x 6.5"W x 1.5"H |13"L x 10"W x 1.5"H