Marzotto Lab Saturno Double Faced Throw

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Super-fine merino wool plaid enriched with 20% cashmere. Characterized by a “double-faced” design with a mélange effect that gives the product a sophisticated, contemporary appearance.
Warm, soft and elegant, it can be used as a decoration on a sofa, embellishing your lounge, or at the bottom of a bed as a furnishing complement. 

Cashmere is the noble fibre par excellence. It is obtained from Hircus, a goat native throughout Kashmir, a region that lies between India and China. The Merino Lambs-Wool is a noble fibre deriving from the first shearing of a Merino lamb. The extremely soft Lambs-Wool fibre in the blend guarantees all the advantages of wool such as, thermoregulation and moisture absorption, both of which ensure a healthy and natural sleep. 


  • MATERIAL: 20% Cashmere, 80% Wool Merinos Superfine
  • MEASURES: 130x180
  • WEIGHT (GR/M²): 250