Le Creuset 11.75 Signature Iron Handle Skillet

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This classic piece of kitchen cookware is made from the highest-quality cast iron on the market. The Le Creuset cast-iron skillet has an enamel coating on the inside and out for an entirely non-stick surface. The enamel is easy to clean and is resistant to chipping and cracking.

This Le Creuset Skillet has an iron handle to provide a solid grip, and with Le Creuset's broad spectrum of colors, these fry pans will make any kitchen look great. After a number of uses the enamel coating on the inside of the skillet with develop a natural patina which, many chefs believe, can enhance the pan's ability to sear and fry foods.

Le Creuset's new Signature skillets feature a helper handle for easier lifting and added control when moving between stovetop, oven, and table.
Heavyweight fry pan requires very little oil, making it an excellent choice for low-fat cooking
Optimized for steady, even heat, Le creuset's improved enamel interior resists staining, dulling, and wear and tear
Black enamel interior requires no additional seasoning, unlike other cast-iron cookware Inspired by nearly a century of culinary craftsmanship, Le creuset is proud to present the signature collection as the next evolution of its enameled cast-iron cookware. Signature seamlessly blends Le creuset's classic form and feel with the latest ergonomic and functional innovations.
New large loop helper handle facilitates lifting the pan and provides a better grip even while wearing oven mitts
Enameled cast-iron construction provides superior heat retention. Dishwasher safe for fast, convenient cleanup