Enameled Cast Iron 10" Skillet - White

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Our Gracious Home Kitchen 10-inch skillet is a handy size for any number of cooking tasks. The skillet is very versatile for searing meats or vegetables. The enameled cast iron provides for great heat retention and the interior enamel finish resists sticking and staining.

Available in exterior colors of white, red or agave

Exterior enamel finish resists chipping or cracking

Dimensions: Diameter: 9.9 inches, Length: 16.3 inches, Height: 1.8 inches; 4.4 lbs.

Care Instructions

Tools: Wooden or silicone tools are recommended. Metal tools or whisks may be used with care and should not be scraped over the enamel surface.

Cool pan before washing with hot water and soap. DO NOT IMMERSE HOT PAN IN COLD WATER. Thermal shock may occur resulting in damage to the enamel.

For food residue, fill the pan with warm water and let soak for 15 minutes. Continue to wash normally. Soft abrasive brushes or cloths can be used to help remove food residue. DO NOT USE metallic pads or harsh cleansing products which may damage the enamel.

Only store products when thoroughly dry and store in a dry cabinet / space.

All pans are dishwasher safe. However, continuous dishwashing can cause slight dullness to the finish. This will not affect the performance pf the product.