Diane James Phalaenopsis Orchid 5 Stems In Gold Bowl

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This phalaenopsis orchid exudes an aura of tranquillity with five stems presented in a stunning hammered gold-tone metal bowl. The delicate toned petals and handcrafted blooms will gracefully ornament a dresser or tabletop with refined texture and beauty.
Opt for the timeless beauty of forever fresh flowers with a creation from Diane James. Handmade from superior quality materials, you can expect natural-touch petals, real bamboo and preserved moss that will never wilt or require any maintenance.
The lifelike arrangements are made from the highest quality materials: natural-touch fabrics, real bamboo, preserved moss, etc. for years of enjoyment.

Overall Dimensions: 34" diameter x 32" tall

Container Dimensions: 12.5in diameter x 6in tall
Composed of: phalaenopsis orchids; metal bowl