Degrenne L'Econome by Starck Kitchen Peeler Set of 4- Stainless Steel

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THE STORY IS IN FACT INCREDBLY SIMPLE … In 1923, the Econome revolutionised everyday life in French kitchens. Its emblematic blade was a great assistance to all amateur and professional cooks, enabling them to finely peel fruit and vegetables leaving as much of the best flesh as possible. In 2017, DEGRENNE and PHILIPPE STARCK are offering an elegant and modern answer to this iconic utensil, whose design has remained unchanged for almost a century. When redesigning its shape, Philippe Starck took inspiration from the utensil’s essence. The sculpted, highly ergonomic handle is the result of his efforts to strip down to the object’s square origins, thus combining shape and function. Such efforts marked the birth of the L’ECONOME by STARCK.