Georg Jensen Stainless Steel Low Sky Decorative Box

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Almost resembling an abstracted pebble, this striking stainless steel box gives you a piece of useable sculpture to add to a tabletop or dressing table. Use in the hallway to hold keys and coins or maybe on a desk for paperclips, business cards or other small accessories.
Sky designer Aurélien Barbry strongly believes that his products should be beautiful while staying true to their purpose and be practical and easy to use. His collection of home and tableware for Georg Jensen is a perfect example of this philosophy, with sculptural shapes working both aesthetically and functionally.
The low box is masterfully crafted from mirror-polished stainless steel.
Materials: Mirror polished stainless steel
Measurements: H: 50 mm / 1.97 inches. W: 140 mm. D: 96 mm.