Georg Jensen Sky Liquor Decanter With Steel Stopper

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The Danish luxury brand Georg Jensen was established in 1904 as a silversmith in Copenhagen. The first breakthrough of the company came with Art Nouveau works in 1917. The brand employed freelance artists and designers starting in the 1920s. Silversmith Harald Nielsen (Pyramid cutlery) and the industrial designer of the world and Swedish prince Sigvard Bernadotte are notable from this period.
The founder's son, Jørgen Jensen, was gradually becoming more and more passionate about simple and elegant design. He was inspired by the Finnish architect Alvar Aalto with his organic design vocabulary and his functionalism that has been popular since the 1920s.
In 1985 Georg Jensen acquired the Danish silver smith A. Michelsen and has been supplying in stainless steel Denmark's most famous cutlery ever since. The famous architect designed the cutlery of Arne Jacobsen (AJ in short) for his world famous hotel Royal SAS in Copenhagen.
The elegant and minimalist lines of the collection were shaped by other designers and craftsmen like Henning Koppel, the legendary Verner Panton, Tias Eckhoff later followed by names like Nanna Ditzel, Jørgen Møller, Vivianna Bülow-Hüber and many more.